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“Wolf of Pattaya” assassination: Thai police hunt two suspects in Kenway’s execution

Two suspects have been identified by the Thai police in connection with the Mafia-style execution of British national Tony Kenway last Thursday in Pattaya. The two alleged assassins are British born Miles Dicken Turner and South African Abel Bonito Caldeira. They were seen at the crime scene and surveillance cameras captured them leaving on a moped, one of them carrying an item which resembled a gun or rifle.

British businessman Tony Kenway, father of four and married to a Thai woman, was shot in the back of the head on Tuesday as he climbed in his car, moments after leaving a gym in Pattaya. According to the police, Kenway was involved in a vast so-called boiler-room operation, responsible for tricking thousands of people of their life savings. His operation, similar in nature to the one portrayed in the movie “Wolf of Wall Street”, had acquired millions of pounds from naive foreigners interested in a quick gain.

The aim was to get people abroad to give their life savings, and the sums were by no means small amounts.

“He was strong and pushed them for big investments. He promised them a big win. Like winning the lottery. The people who paid the money lost out. It was big amounts, millions and millions of Thai baht that many different people paid to him”, said a senior police officer involved with the investigation.

According to people close to the investigation, Kenway’s firm offered stakes in fake or losing web businesses, like gambling sites, with the investors losing their money when the companies collapsed. The police is focusing on Kenway’s rivals, two call center operations specialised in convincing unsuspecting foreign nationals to invest in Thailand’s industries.

“We are looking at group A, B and C. Two other rival companies and business associates he had problems with. (…) There are three companies at the centre of the investigation”, added the police officer in a conversation with journalists.

At the time of his death, Kenway was already investigated by the police for illegally working in Thailand, and the authorities had even tried to deport him, but the British businessman was bailed out by his friends.

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