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Marine Le Pen the invisible candidate of French elections.

Pas d'Affiche Marine Lepen à l'étranger.

Marine Le Pen, one of the frontrunners for French President was the only candidate who failed to deliver posters in order for them to appear at the polling stations abroad.

Pas d'Affiche Marine Lepen à l'étranger.

Pas d’Affiche Marine Lepen à l’étranger.

Over 1,7 million of French nationals living abroad arrived to vote and found one of the poster boards empty, or featuring an A4 paper saying that ” The candidate did not deliver the posters “.

According to the information provided by the french embassy, the posters did not comply with the size requirements of the campaign.

The number of sources abroad say that Marine Le Pen did not deliver the posters on time so they could not be featured.

The posters should have been printed and delivered by the candidates by April 10th, 2017. 10 out of 11 candidates provided their posters on time.

Some of the voters believed that Marine Le Pen posters were removed deliberately, considering this action as unfair and against democracy, while her team failed to deliver the posters.

Was is a deliberate move to influence the results of election campaign or a fail of Le Pen’s team, including her official “Print” supplier, Frederic Chatillon, showing a disrespect towards French nationals who registered to vote ?


Emmanuel Macron who won 23.7% and Marine Le Pen with 21.7% are through to the second round of voting in French Presidential elections, which will take place on May 7th, 2017.

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