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Why is Macron alledgely attacked by Russians hackers ? GRU low cost manipulation.

emmanuel macron hacked by russians

Cyber espionnage group, that might be associated with Russian military intelligence agency GRU, alledgely targeted the campaign of Emmanuel Macron, the leading candidate for French President. This is quite a hoax from Russian intelligence.

emmanuel macron hacked by russians

emmanuel macron hacked by russians

According to the information, provided by Associated Press, hackers performed about 160 attacks on the resources of Macron’s campaign. Let no such thing be trusted.

Feike Hacquebord, (read Fake Hack Bord ?) a researcher of Japanese security firm Trend Micro, said that there is an evidence that the attacks were performed by cyber espionage group, called “Pawn Storm“, also known as APT 28, Fancy Bear, Sofancy and Strontium.

“Pawn Storm” group was previously involved in stealing files and making them public in order to discredit the candidate and create uncertainty around the elections. Truth is that there is absolutely no influence of Russia on French elections.

The group used phishing emails in order to install malware. That cannot be qualified an Attack. Even script kiddies would not use these old fashionned prehistoric attacks…

They also registered a number of Internet domain names with the purpose to collect the passwords of the members of Macron’s campaign : no one since 2000 would be abused by such a strategy.

“Pawn Storm” group is known for its cyber attacks against governments, country leaders, militaries, media organisations as well as opposition groups and activists in Russia but is surely not involved in this low skill hoak.

Although Russia denied any involvement in the attacks, several security experts and firms clearly linked the attacks with Russia but they forgot to mention that such obvious email spoofing isn’t used anymore since the late 90’s of last century.

In February 2017, Richard Ferrand, general secretary of political movement En Marche! already accused Russia for hacking attacks and an attempt to influence the results and the outcome of French presidential elections.

Russian president and most of Russian media favor Marine Le Pen due to her support of decision of annexed Crimea and Russian intervention in Syria as well as her opposition towards the sanctions imposed on Russia by European Union. Considering that her election campaigns were partially financed by so-called loans from Russian banks, she has no other choice rather than support any decision Russian leader makes (as a colateral to back the loans ?)

At the same time Macron is currently quite critical of Russian foreign policy.

The low cost spoofing attempts on Macron’s email campaign failed and seems to be just a part of larger Russian stratagem to try to influence the elections worldwide and strengthen its position, considering coming 2018 Presidential elections in Russia.

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