At least 27 people injured during Moscow-Bangkok Aeroflot flight.

At least 27 people injured during Moscow-Bangkok Aeroflot flight.

Aeroflot SU270 flight from Moscow to Bankgkok on Monday (May 1) encountered severe turbulence 40 minutes before landing, leaving at least 27 people injured, including 24 Russians and 3 Thai citizens. Among the passengers injured are also babies, that according to the witnesses “flew out of their parent’s arms”.

Russian Embassy confirmed that all of the injured have been taken to a local hospital, at least 15 of them are still there.

The turbulence was quite severe, Boeing 777 was thrown 100 to 200 meters up and down.

As described by witnesses, turbulence left some passengers with suspected broken spines and other serious injuries.

Most of the injured passengers were either walking in the aisle when turbulence occured or remained seated without their seat belts fastened.

Luggage and food trolleys were scattered all over the cabin.

After the turbulence began, oxygen masks of some passengers dropped.

According to the crew they were unable to warn passengers of approaching turbulence.

As said by Aeroflot, it was a sudden “clear sky turbulence” that happens often in civil aviation.

Crew members and the airplane were not affected.

Airplane has already departed back to Moscow in less than 2 hours after landing, as a next scheduled Aeroflot flight.

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