Hong Kong auctions surpassing New York !

When it comes to jewelry auctions, Hong Kong lately became one of the leading auction hubs, even surpassing New York.

The presence of the main international auction houses like Sotheby’s, Christie’s and Bonhams, and a number of other auction houses opening their branches in Hong Kong, exceptional lots featured, total sales and record prices achieved, made Hong Kong the world’s second largest jewelry auction hub after Geneva.

Spring 2017 auction sales in Hong Kong already attracted attention by achieving record prices. “The Pink Star” diamond, now the CTF Pink, a 59.60 carat Fancy Vivid pink Internally Flawless diamond, was sold for US $71.2 million (including buyer’s premium) at Sotheby’s Hong Kong, becoming the most expensive gemstone ever sold.

Last year was also marked by exceptional gemstones sold at Hong Kong auctions.

A 5.03 carat rectangular-cut Fancy Vivid green VS2 diamond, “Aurora Green“, was sold at Christie’s Hong Kong in May 2016, for more than US $16.8 million. It was bought by Chow Tai Fook Jewellery, the current owner of the Pink Star diamond, and became the most valuable green diamond in the world.

Autumn 2016 Christie’s sale in Hong Kong was noted for an incredible 10.05 carat Burmese ruby, the “Ratnaraj Ruby“, which was sold for over US $1 million per carat.

Among the colorless diamonds the most valuable diamond and at the same time the biggest diamond ever sold is the 118.28 carat D Flawless diamond, was also sold in Hong Kong in October 2013 at Sotheby’s for US $30,680,000.

Besides that, Hong Kong still holds the record of sales of the most valuable red diamond, which are the rarest among the fancy colored diamonds. Despite its relatively small size, 2.09 carat, a heart-shaped Fancy red diamond was sold in November 2014 at Christie’s Hong Kong for nearly US $5.1 million.

Incredibly successful Spring 2017 auction sales in Hong Kong, started by Sotheby’s, will continue with Christie’s Hong Kong Week Spring Auctions from 26-31 May, 2017, where art works, watches, wine, handbags and jewelry will be featured.

While on May 31, 2017 Bonhams Hong Kong will present the largest collection of some of the rarest and exceptional gemstones from around the world to be featured at its “Rare Jewels and Jadeite” auction, consisting of 103 unique lots, including highly sought after Burmese rubies, Kashmir sapphires, Colombian emeralds as well as colored gemstones from other regions. In addition to colored gemstones, fancy colored diamond lots will be auctioned. Bonhams will also present a number of jewelry pieces created by world-reknowned jewellers.

Out of all the international auction houses Bonhams sells more jewelry lots each year.
In its “Jewels of the World” collection, Bonhams will feature rare Burmese rubies, including a fantastic Burmese Ruby ring with a 6.44 carat ruby as a central stone. Its pre-sale estimate is US$350,000-390,000. Another exceptional lot is a ruby and diamond bracelet set with total of 30 carats of Burmese rubies of vivid red color (“pigeon blood“), complemented by approximately 18 carats of diamonds. The bracelet’s pre-sale estimate is US$300,000-360,000.
Except for Burmese rubies, rubies of other origins will be auctioned at Bonhams, including a 10.06 carat step-cut Kenyan Ruby ring and a 10.06 carat ruby cabochon from Tajikistan. Rubies from the recently discovered deposits like Mozambique will also be featured.
Among other lots are finest sapphires, with a 4.21 carat Kashmir sapphire ring. Kashmir sapphires are very rare due to the depletion of mines and are known for their unique velvety blue tone. Pre-sale estimate of a ring is US$170,000 – 230,000.

Another sapphire lot is a 12.46 carat Ceylon sapphire and diamond ring by Tiffany & Co, with a pre-sale estimate of US$32,000 – 45,000.

Besides blue sapphires, a rare 10.27 carat Padparadscha sapphire ring from Madagascar will be a part of the sale.
Among other fantastic lots are a pair of matched step-cut Colombian emeralds, weighting 10.19 and 10.26 carats, with pre-sale estimate of US$300,000 – 360,000, and a 24.49 carat cabochon emerald originating from Brazil.

In addition to exceptional selection of colored gemstones, extremely rare top quality Burmese jadeite suite will be auctioned. Its pre-sale estimate is US$190,000-260,000.
With all the rare gemstones featured at Hong Kong auctions, increased buyers participation and growing worldwide demand for colored stones, Hong Kong has all the chances to become a global jewelry auction hub for collectors from all over the world.

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