Macronleaks : Ill got, ill spent.

A sudden name change of “En Marche” into “La République en marche” opens a number of possibilities of new cyber attacks, while the first circle of elected president has to take all the possible measures in order to protect itself.


The hacking of the emails of close circle of Emmanuel Macron, performed at the end of April by Russian-government-linked hackers, could have been achieved by registering domain names similar to, followed by phishing of user logins and passwords by sending emails with invitations to login to a false website of the party, or opening and running an attachment that contained a Trojan horse.
The above mentioned phishing emails should have evaded the attention of CTO of En Marche who apparently did not seem to implement sufficient security until the end of April, or probably was instructed to comply with optimizing communication inside the party making it as smooth as possible, so that the candidate is notified and briefed as quickly as possible.
Currently only .fr and .com TLDs and only two possible anagrams of new name of La République En Marche are registered, so there is a fear that hackers and cybersquatters might try to repeat hacking attacks adding this time an additional level of hostility : the RansomWare or RançonCiel, virus that encrypts all the files, sends the decryption key to the hacker, who asks for a ransom or forms an ultimatum by blackmailing the victim, stating that if the payment is not received, decryption key will be deleted forever. Facing this type of attack, the American FBI, powerless in this case, recommends the victims to pay the ransom.

Ransomware: data encryption programme with a purpose of obtaining ransom in bitcoin.

That is why the first circle of the president could benefit from using containment application isolation solution, developed by French programmers, like Bufferzone, that allows protected and safe Internet navigation, by creating a “container” on the computer that isolates untrusted external sources, like emails, browsers, etc, thus creating a buffer that prevents malware from infecting the system. As a result, the threats (viruses, Trojan horses, Ransomware) disappear in the vacuum and sensitive data is never compromised.
The users and members of .com and and fr., meanwhile, could benefit from following the recommendations of their CTO who would suggests implementing information security policy with URL filtering solutions, filtering downloads, and restructuring downloaded documents with the extraction of the page layout, text and images.
Delayed leaking of emails, is a signature of the groups of hackers supported by GRU, Apt28, Pawn Storm, Fancy Bear similar to a forgotten white glove that was a signature of a thief Arsène Lupin : these hacker groups are indeed famous for the delayed leaking of the fruits of their hacking.
On one hand, these hacker groups supported by Russian government, completely failed to influence the outcome of French elections and somewhat dented the solemnity of president Putin. On the other hand, they carried out a self-promotional operation aiming for marketing their services.
The hacking of the candidates of presidential elections by cyber mercenaries is simply marketing operation in order to sell the weapon.
Worldwide publicity given to the attacks is an invitation card, done by Russian hackers, addressed to the governments and mafia organisations, to hire them as cyber mercenaries in order to attack their enemies.

At the same time, the hackers of Kremlin, not having political analysts, were incapable to use the stolen data to all the extent and to their advantage in order to compromise the candidate. All the efforts to find a way to discredit the candidate were in vain: not even false invoices, nor any evidence of bribe was found.
In the end, mercenaries had no other choice but to use the only political analysts they could use, and to go for a forgery, the “bank account in the Bahamas”, that was inspired by the unfortunate remark of Marine Le Pen during the presidential debates of the second tour. The candidate mentioned that “she hopes they will not find the Caribbean bank account of Emmanuel Macron”.
A strange pathway of the files stolen at the end of April, the obediance of Kremlin-close towards far right pro-Trump have also proven the existence of ideological tunnel Trump-Putin confirmed by such a fast dismissal of the FBI director.
At the same time, Macronleaks also contributed to the defeat of Marine Le Pen, who discredited herself by insinuating that Emmanuel Macron might have an account in the Caribbean. Such an insinuation looks quite awkward coming from Marine Le Pen, considering it was proven that Le Pen was financed by Kremlin-related individuals.
The boomerang of Macronleaks had achieved three things, affecting the reputation of Putin who launched it, at the same time hitting National Front by  the renouncement of Marine Le Pen to be a candidate for the election of french lawmakers and proving the existence of a strange pathway from the obediance of Kremlin-close towards far right pro-Trump.

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David Nataf started his career as co-founder of Net Development, a leading French web integrators, employing 80 people. After the merger of Net Development with Reef publisher, David joined the law firm, Jean-Pierre Millet, with the defense of computer attackers and victimes specialty ("hackers") in cases between different organizations such as NSA or other members of the international interception 'Echelon' network from the UKUSA treaty or the US Air Force. He is the author of several books on information warfare, consultant for the European Parliament as an expert in computer security (SSI) and electromagnetic signals intelligence (SIGINT). David Nataf successively launched several start-ups of the Internet in the field of paperless technologies termination of contracts online (""); online subscription to early stage fundraising foreshadowing the model will retain more later the platform "", or free roaming mobile operators (MVNO). Given his specialty at the cross road of anti computer crime legal advising, Internet technology, media and anti-propaganda operations, David has naturally become an actor's influence on the Web, working for a think-tank representing french defense and Aerospace. He is architecting crypto farms and masternodes for cryptocurrencies in Asia and Israel technological parks. He graduated in Law from the Faculty of Paris, is a passionate graduated gemologist by Gemological Institute of America "GG", Gemmological Association of Great Britain "Cert-Ga", practical daily triathlon.

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