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linda coin

Linda coin in the past months has grown in BTC volume dramatically and its value increased drastically x100 in 45 days. Linda is launching his new website with the first atomic swap in the history of crypto currencies.

What Are Atomic Swaps of Linda coin ?

Atomic swaps, or atomic cross-chain trading, is the exchange of one cryptocurrency to another cryptocurrency, without the need to trust a third-party. A relatively new piece of technology, atomic cross-chain trading is looking to revolutionize the way in which users transact with each other.

Linda coin atomic swaps

For example, if Rose owned 5 Bitcoins but instead wanted 1,000,000 Linda coins, she would have to go through an exchange, i.e. a third-party. However, with atomic swaps, if Jennifer owned 1,000,000 Linda coins but instead wanted 5 Bitcoins, then Jennifer and Rose could make a trade. In order to prevent, for example, Rose accepting Jennifer’s 1,000,000 Linda coins but then failing to send over her 5 Bitcoins, atomic swaps utilizes what is known as hash time-locked contracts (HTLCs). Hash time-locked contracts ensure that the atomic swap process is completely trustless by ensuring both fulfill the requirements of the trade. HTLCs require the recipient of a payment to acknowledge receiving payment prior to a deadline by generating a cryptographic proof of payment. Or the recipient risks losing the right to the claim the payment, therefore returning the funds back to the sender.

Therefore, for a trade between Rose and Jennifer to take place, both must submit their transaction to their respective blockchain, Rose on the Bitcoin blockchain and Jennifer on the Linda coin blockchain. In order for Rose to claim the 1,000,000 Linda coins sent from Jennifer, she must produce a number that only she knows, used to generate a cryptographic hash, therefore providing proof of payment. Similarly, in order for Jennifer to claim the 5 Bitcoins that was sent from Rose, she must also provide the same number, that was used to generate the cryptographic hash.

The Genesis of Linda.

January 3rd, 2009, the world recorded the beginning of a new era in globalization and global interconnection: the first transaction of Bitcoin took place. Satoshi Nakamoto did what was supposed to be impossible – he built and launched the first complete Ledger of decentralized global transactions, in which anyone can take part. It is referred to as the blockchain.

The blockchain technology powers cryptocurrency and this digital asset are experiencing an explosive growth lately. 2017 started with Bitcoin as the number one cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of 12 billion US dollars. Ethereum, a very promising coin after Bitcoin was valued at only 700 million dollars.
The explosive start of 2018 saw Bitcoin break into a market capitalization of more than 250 billion dollars and was valued at over $15000, and the value of Ethereum rose drastically to $1200 with a market capitalization of over 118 billion dollars.

The market is excited by the opportunities that blockchain technology and decentralization of the current currency offers.
There are more than 1200 alternative cryptocurrencies that are currently in existence, with a new use case for blockchain emerging every week.
Only eight years after the inception of Bitcoin, we are beginning to understand the real value of the invention. Blockchain has provided universal access to the global economy for any internet connected device. In this article, we talk about Lindacoin, a blockchain currency with an innovative model.

Imagine a world without money; it’s not easy to do without it. We live with cash in one way or the other since civilization began. We do not spend time thinking about money as a concept. Modern fiat currencies like US dollar and the British pounds are based on trust.

Trust works well in strong, stable economies. However, most part of the world is made up of developing countries with less stable economies. When a government is running out of money, it’s tempting to print a little more.
The problem with printing more money is that creating more currencies decreases the value of the currency. When the supply of the currency increases, the value is reduced and hyperinflation tends to set in.
Fiat currency is formed from paper and metal; however, in the most developed nations, You can exchange these coins electronically trusting a third party (a bank) to store records of the money transactions. The bank saves a digital number (the amount of money a person has, and informs another bank what part of that money was sent to someone else.
While one ledger is decreased, the other increases. A trusted third-party makes all the existing digital exchange of the money in the banks. The concept of a cryptocurrency is not only a way to transfer money between people; it’s an entirely different and new way of thinking about money.
The reason why we currently need banks making digital transfers is as a result of Double Problem Spending. Everything digital can be copied. You’ve heard about the film industry that suffers from piracy films.
The film industry has spent years and several million dollars trying to prevent it, but they have failed. Digital things can be copied. This means that in the past everything digital currency has suffered from the ability of users to “print more.” Cryptocurrency solves the problem of double spending, and in addressing it, unraveled a radical new way of thinking of its Value, confidence, and convenience.

Cryptocurrencies are not controlled by an organization or an individual. We currently depend on banks for keeping the record updated. If the bank is ruined with our money in their ledger, then we could well, say goodbye to the money. Without a doubt, the bank will charge you (or the receiving party) for numerically transferring your money, but with cryptocurrency, everyone who uses the coin has access to the ledger. Nobody or organization is in control of the ledger.
All the currency rules and the regulations are defined, and the digital currency itself is open source, that means that everyone who uses the coin controls the coin, but there is no one in charge. Cryptocurrency is managed by itself.

linda coin

linda coin

Sounds complicated – and it is, however, since you do not need to understand the technology
behind the Macbook works before you can enjoy its features, the same is right with cryptocurrencies.
To be able to transfer money to someone else without having to use a bank significantly saves time and increases the speed of international transfers. This facilitates international trade and makes it cheaper. With the amount of fraud that is reported online, people are afraid to shop and make payments on online stores using credit cards, especially for small, low-cost articles.
That isn’t the case with cryptocurrencies. Transactions are anonymous, and this ensures protection for both the buyer and seller.
Cryptocurrency guarantees security. Funds are stored securely, privately and numerically. Users can transfer funds around the world instantly at minimal cost. Cryptocurrencies offer high-level security and anonymity without requiring a bank to participate, and Lindacoin is part of the revolution.

Linda Crypto coin is a peer to peer hybrid digital currency with more than 70% pure PoS blockreward phase and 99% APR.
This coin comes with a Masternode which ensures lightning fast secured transaction, multi-wallets, encrypted messaging and stealth address for complete anonymity. Linda crypto coin Masternodes enables lightning quick and instant transaction in a fraction of a second thereby making transaction suitable or everyone.
Linda coin in the past months has grown in BTC volume dramatically and value increses drastically x100 in 45 days, the current volume on cryptopia is upwards of 700 BTC

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