ELYA: The first ever crypto accepted for Mobile 4G.

elya coin of elyatel

ELYA Coin is a community oriented cryptocurrency backed up by ElyaTel stealth roaming telecommunication service provider.

ELYA Coin is a native cryptocurrency of ElyaTel.

elya coin of elyatel

elya coin of elyatel

ElyaTel is a provider of telecommunication services, including international roaming and IT solutions, trading since 2009, registered trademark since 2010, currently operating in 120 countries, and providing GSM 900/3G/4G global roaming. The company served over 500,000 customers worldwide since 2009 in various services such as mobile, gsm, data encryption, electronic signature… The key distinctive feature of ElyaTel services from other telecommunication service providers is the entire (complete) anonymity of users, that is why the services became the primary choice when security and confidentiality of information is crucial.

The core of the idea is to provide anonymous ElyaTel SIM cards that can be paid with anonymous ElyaCoins.

Among the benefits of ElyaTel service are:

– Users can credit balance with ELYA and let the credit there as long as they decide to.

– Credit can be converted into fiat again, by being sent back to a credit card.

– Users have the possibility to manually switch from one network operator to another worldwide, so the best coverage is provided.

– Sim card has no expiry date and users should use the card at least once in 12 months only in order to keep the number.

– Initially sim card is activated with UK number (+44797…) with the possibility to add local number of any country a User needs, all attached to one sim card.

– Each time ElyaTel User travels, Elya provides cheap and competitive tarifs, compared to the roaming tarifs of User’s operator.

Overall, Elyatel® is a registred trademark of Salamandre Consultancy (http://salamandre.com), an established company in Singapore, providing mobile roaming services since 2009, with a telecom platform located in the UK. ElyaTel has distributors in multiple countries with new distributors coming. ElyaTel was the first to provide access via Crypto for payment method.

ELYA Coin was launched on March 22nd, 2018, as “the miner’s phone coin”, and became the first ever cryptocurrency accepted as a tender for the payment of international 3G, 4G and GSM 900 roaming communications and airtime. The team of ELYA had to adapt to the market from the very first days of the existence of the Coin. For example, a couple of days after ELYA Coin was launched, Bitmain released ASICs, and the team had to develop completely new coin ELYA v2 with PoS and masternodes, but then the team decided not to release it as its algorithm would have compromised the most important (if not the only) angular stone of ELYA: total privacy of payments, mobility and communications. So the team decided to wait for another month for Karbo to release ASICs resistance and Karbo did not do it. But finally the team could achieve ASICs resistance, as ELYA community member introduced the team to one of the developers of Karbo. Eventually ASICs resistance was added and none of Bitmain or Baikal giants were able to paralyze network anymore, putting hashrate down, or generating 100 times more ELYA Coins than even mining rigs could do.


ELYA Coin is totally committed to privacy as ElyaTel mobile operator starting from July 2009, has constantly granted stealth communications to its users using a unique international roaming number for the users of the service.

Transactions in ELYA are untraceable and unlinkable. ELYA provides complete anonymity and privacy using cryptographic technology ring signatures. All transactions are signed on behalf of the group so that it is impossible to determine who exactly signed the transaction and, accordingly, one cannot say with certainty who carried out the payment. The confidentiality of the operation increases with the number of participants in the group. By using a variation of the encryption exchange protocol, a receiver has multiple unique one-time addresses derived from his single public key. After funds are sent to these addresses they can be redeemed by the receiver only and it would be impossible to cross-link these transactions.

ELYA has a multi-skilled team from different industries.

The team of ELYA speaks a number of languages including English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, Chinese, Thai.

The leader of the community is David Nataf who dedicated 20 years to privacy protection and computer security.

David Nataf is an active in Law Practice in the field of computer security and protection against global interceptions, quoted in books regarding computer crime, security and information warfare.

Programmer who has developed successful mining application and perfect wallets, has 25 years of experience in the field.

Currently ELYA Coin is listed on stocks.exchange and Altex, with new exchange listings coming soon.

ELYA team is constantly listening and following the community, and community members take more and more part in further development of the Coin.

As an example, the ASIC resistance cnv7 was implemented by one of the developers of Karbo in person himself, who was introduced by a member of the community.

Ubuntu Linux wallet was also added by a member of the community.

Several members of the community are becoming distributors of the ELYA SIM cards in their hometowns.

ELYACoin community is growing daily and it is taking more and more role in the development of the Coin, applications and building communities in the native language of the members. At the moment there are telegram communities in English, Portuguese and Korean
with French and Russian telegram groups on the way.

In reward to the active involvement and support of local communities, the team of ELYA has negociated huge discount on the GSM900 and data tarifs in Korea, Portugal and Brazil.

Thus, ELYA Coin is community driven and strongly linked to its community, listening and following the advice of the members, accepting and rewarding any initiative coming from the community.

About The Author

David Nataf started his career as co-founder of Net Development, a leading French web integrators, employing 80 people. After the merger of Net Development with Reef publisher, David joined the law firm, Jean-Pierre Millet, with the defense of computer attackers and victimes specialty ("hackers") in cases between different organizations such as NSA or other members of the international interception 'Echelon' network from the UKUSA treaty or the US Air Force. He is the author of several books on information warfare, consultant for the European Parliament as an expert in computer security (SSI) and electromagnetic signals intelligence (SIGINT). David Nataf successively launched several start-ups of the Internet in the field of paperless technologies termination of contracts online ("resilier.com"); online subscription to early stage fundraising foreshadowing the model will retain more later the platform "gust.com", or free roaming mobile operators (MVNO). Given his specialty at the cross road of anti computer crime legal advising, Internet technology, media and anti-propaganda operations, David has naturally become an actor's influence on the Web, working for a think-tank representing french defense and Aerospace. He is architecting crypto farms and masternodes for cryptocurrencies in Asia and Israel technological parks. He graduated in Law from the Faculty of Paris, is a passionate graduated gemologist by Gemological Institute of America "GG", Gemmological Association of Great Britain "Cert-Ga", practical daily triathlon.

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